The program has a wide spectrum of tools that make it possible to make pictures quality and beautiful, maximally improving them. And the camera settings will assist you to get the photo in good quality initially. Among other things, this application for a smartphone will help create beautiful collages from your pictures. Use the camera to create selfie, and in the future, you can apply amazing filters, take advantage of stylized effects, add text and stickers, as well as other comic attributes. To date, the Camera 360 is not just a photo editor but a whole social network that you can employ to share your moments from life. Studio PinGuo can competently combine the functions of applications in the category of “photography” for both beginners and professionals.

create app like snapchat

It is noteworthy that the created photo and video materials can be saved on the device, as it can be done in any other editor. Otherwise, a typical messenger for sending messages with the self-destruct function for text and attached files appears in front of the user. Staying connected is important, and why Snapchat has this functionality.

Sweet Snap Camera

One of the latest updates involves the function of storing pictures in a free cloud. Provides you with a set of ready-to-use features and modules. This gives you access to the open-source computer vision library for creating basic AR content, such as masks and filters. This toolkit mostly focuses on image processing, video capture and analysis, including face and object detection. While OpenCV is a good way to start, it is best suited for building simple AR applications and MVPs that do not go beyond basic functionality. If you want, you can use a social network account or go through a simple registration process with an e-mail address.

create app like snapchat

Let users control the interface easily with gestures. Detect, track and augment faces in a front-camera with face tracking software. Inspire purchases and boost retention through real-time virtual try-on. Assign different access levels to different groups of users.

Photo Filters

These factors also determine the popularity of this application, known throughout the world. You can not only process photos but instantly send them to those you want, leave comments, share your experiences and learn from other people’s experiences. If you wish an alternative to Snapchat that can ensure you with a better selfie shot, try this one. YouCam Perfect is a tool for Android, with which you can modify the photos to your taste. In total, the B612 offers over 50 different filters.

Understand your audience well enough to develop a unique selling proposition . Basically, this means asking such questions as, “Who is it designed for? ” or, “What do you expect people to do with your app? ” Knowing these basics will help you distinguish yourself from the competitors and develop a clear selling point to attract users. Enhance video communication with touch up filters and virtual background.

Record anonymous messages to your friends using someone else’s voice, a mask on your face, and an unfamiliar place in the background. New stickers featuring popular characters and stickers made by famous illustrators are added every week. You can track what is happening in the fashion world, isolate stylistic trends, adding new information to your “piggy bank” of knowledge. The application provides an infinite space in terms of studying trends and trends. A series of tutorials on creating a Snapchat clone for Android. Understand the most common pitfalls of the app, such as privacy protection, and make sure your app does not become a platform where abuse, violence and racism could flourish.

create app like snapchat

Send a verification code to a users phone before they can create an account/login. Adds an extra layer of security, and the phone number can be another way to communicate. There are also video recording functions in the application.

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Think of a filter with the Eiffel Tower that users apply to their background, or adding a branded filter to promote a concert that happens nearby. This might sound banal, but Snapchat wouldn’t have become Snapchat without this feature. Combined with AR lenses and filters, users can record everything they wish, edit it with embedded creative tools and share it with others when the content is ready. You can create your snapchat-like application with new highlights through idea2app.

  • Sweet Snap Camera offers a lot of filters to make your photos and videos more fun.
  • Wickr is positioned as an application that leaves no traces.
  • By adding Snapchat features to your camera app, you will significantly reduce the app adoption barriers by making it intuitive and accessible for wider audiences.
  • Build a variety of face modification apps by detecting its different parts.
  • Send notifications that users can receive and see – even when theyre not inside your app.
  • In total, the B612 offers over 50 different filters.

Thanks to Dust Messaging, all the information received will leave your smartphone after only 30 seconds after opening. This service is very similar to Snapchat, which brought to their creators more than 22 billion dollars. Combining their advantages, Dust Messaging provides its users with the highest degree of protection for their personal data. Absolutely all the possibilities of a regular messenger, including emoticons and creating groups.

How to supercharge your app with immersive AR content. Build a variety of face modification apps by detecting its different parts. Build a faster and easier way to interact with screens and devices. A Q&A site where users can ask queries and get responses.


Secure privacy in video calls allowing users to automatically remove backgrounds. Booth user generated content with selfie beautification features. Users can invite their friends/contacts to join them in the product, using any social media account installed on the device. They can send an email or a message, helping raise the products profile and reaching more audiences.

create app like snapchat

Once the program is launched, you can immediately select an emotion, an animal’s muzzle, a funny creature or an object that will automatically overlay your photo in real time. The utility allows you to create unique selfies and share your real face in social networks. Features include a timer, mirror mode, flash, a grid for aligning pictures, and other features to capture the perfect composition.


They then enter a One-Time Password or SMS, for an extra layer of verification and security. Users can post and read comments on the content you have. They can also reply to specific comments in a thread, to boost conversations and interactions inside the app. Enterprise Build your workforce more productive with the perfectly customized app. You can alter the appearance of not only the skin but also the eyes and the area around them. If necessary, you can enlarge the eyes, remove the bags underneath them, remove the unpleasant effect of the “redness” of the pupils.

Today, it is one of the most popular social media apps, along with TikTok and Instagram. Mostly popular among younger generations, Snapchat has become a real cultural phenomenon. The ideal create app like snapchat application for those who like to create unforgettable selfies and shoot video with the front camera. With many simple tools and visual effects, you can transform any photo for the better.

Features Of Camera360 On Android:

The application has a lot of stickers and selfie effects, different funny hairstyles, animal faces, masks, costumes, and much more. In addition to effects, you can apply text to photos, change its type, color, and size. There are also classic popular effects – frames, backgrounds, blur, and much more.

Here you can also add fun stickers, smileys, and labels to the images. Live effects, non-standard filters for photos, face masks, and regular updates. Choose from a variety of masks, change beyond recognition, and share the result in messengers and social networks or make a new avatar. The world-famous Camera 360 has received the support of over 700 million users who adore this photo editor + camera.

Select the right AR SDK for your Snapchat clone app development which saves your time and efforts letting you get the needed features quickly. The content is user-centered, as it is mostly created by users themselves and shared within the Snapchat community who then interact with these posts. In addition, the content never grows old, because each post only lives for 24 hours. This stimulates others to engage with the community more before the content disappears, which means paying more attention to the daily stories. Snapchat revolutionized the camera app market by focusing on visual user-generated content.

This is the main feature that made Snapchat so popular. Lenses allow changing appearance while taking a photo or when making a video. The feature is enabled with a combination of AI and machine learning and is a perfect user engagement driver. Snapchat is a complex app that has been steadily developing for years, which means launching a clone will be time-consuming and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, while Snapchat is very popular, it still has its downsides.

The Snapchat application is very popular among young people all over the world, especially in North America. The idea of a messenger from the category of social networks is rather frivolous but it is in demand. The price of shares is growing, the number of new users is increasing. Although the service is free, only on advertisement one can live and develop further.

Add rich media , pictures, documents or videos to the apps library or album. These stay available for reuse in your app at any time. They can write text, share images, send and receive push notifications – giving them more reasons to stay inside the app. Wickr is positioned as an application that leaves no traces.

You can select any of them by simply swiping your finger along the bottom of the screen, where you can see a preview of how it will look. You can also simply swipe your finger over the image to apply a random filter. The main advantage of the messenger is that it’s a great way for a user to protect the privacy of their information.

Snapchat originated in 2011 as a social media app that enabled a feature of disappearing content — whatever users generated only remained available for 24 hours. Eventually, this led to the emergence and growing popularity of “snaps” that were generated by users and shared across the Snapchat community. As https://globalcloudteam.com/ a result, the app’s focus on user-generated content facilitated all kinds of interactions and self-expression with embedded AR filters and multimedia editing tools. SNOW – Selfie, Motion sticker – an instant messenger with the ability to send funny pictures and short videos to other members of the service.

A wide spectrum of capabilities of the software will assist to realize your creative ideas and fantasies, correcting images. Wickr encodes almost all types of content, including images, audio, and video. It does not allow you to copy or forward messages or content to third parties, and also prevents the shooting of screenshots. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

Choose an image from the gallery or take a picture on the spot, and then apply any of the many filters. The only exclusion is the Snap camera that you can connect to a video conference to use some of the Snapchat features. Nevertheless, this is still a completely proprietary functionality that does not allow developers to access the source code to rewrite or modify it.

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